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The TREC program, from years 2004-2006, is now archived for read-only use. Visit the PolarTREC site, a program which builds on the strength and success of TREC to include learning experiences for teachers and researchers at both poles! {learn more}

Join Virtually

TREC expeditions from 2004-2006 are now archived. Read the archived materials from message boards, photo albums, calls from the field, live and archived internet presentations, and online learning resources from the links below:

TREC Virtual Base Camp - Teachers, researchers, students, and community members communicated in the TREC program through this extension of the TREC website featuring message boards, teachers' journals, and photo albums.

2005 Virtual Base Camp: Click here to visit.

2004 Virtual Base Camp: Click here to visit.

TREC Participating Classrooms - PolarTREC will also allow participation in live events from classrooms and will be called Live From IPY. Visit the PolarTREC site for more information.

Education Discussion List - Keep up with major TREC and PolarTREC activities and participate in a community of educators, scientists, and community members to support science education. Click here.

Connecting Arctic/Antarctic Researchers and Educators (CARE) - The CARE network utilizes online web meetings to support the integration of science research experiences into classroom curriculum. For more information, contact Janet Warburton, ARCUS Project Manager, at warburton@arcus.org.