About TREC

The Teachers and Researchers - Exploring and Collaborating (TREC) program is a partnership between the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) and VECO Polar Resources (VPR). TREC is funded by the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs Arctic Sciences Section.

TREC is a program in which K-12 teachers participate in arctic research, working closely with scientists, as a pathway to improving science education through teachers' experiences in scientific inquiry. TREC builds on the outstanding scientific and cultural opportunities of the Arctic to link research and education through intriguing topics that will engage students and the wider public.

The main components of TREC include:

Arctic Field Research Experience

The core of the TREC program is the field research experience, whereby TREC teachers participate in arctic field research for two or more weeks during spring/summer. Selected research projects represent the leading edge of scientific inquiry and include the K-12 teacher as integral part of science team.

Classroom and Public Connections

Teachers and researchers connect with classrooms and the public through use of internet tools such as online teacher and researcher journals, message boards, photo albums, real-time presentations and calls from the field, and online learning resources.

Professional Development

TREC provides professional development opportunities for teachers who participate in field research projects as well as educators who connect through the Internet. TREC provides a variety of content, tools, and seminars geared towards subject matter learning, teaching practices, and alignment of TREC experiences with current professional and teaching standards.

Sustained Community and Support

The TREC program is designed to extend the experience beyond field research to support a sustained community of teachers, scientists, and the public through online seminars, an e-mail listserve, and teacher-to-teacher peer groups.

For questions or comments about the TREC program, please contact us.