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  Chock full of fun games and educational resources, this website is based around the story of three children who land on an iceberg. The iceberg is Athropolis - the home of the Throps and the Squallhoots - and it is melting FAST! On this site you will find Arctic pop-up maps, educational games, a lot of very interesting information about the Arctic, a daily Arctic news article and joke, some very silly songs and really dumb jokes, and much much more. We just cannot stay away from this site!
PCSP Explorer Sub! For Kids:
  On the Polar Continental Shelf Project Explorer Submarine, kids can learn about the Arctic by visiting the animal, plant, humans, geography and photo gallery sections, then test their knowledge by completing an online quiz.
Wumpasworld (Flash game):
  Create your own fish and save a baby whale. Paddle your kayak through the ice floes and catch fish through a hole in the ice. Play matching games with a seal. Paint with a polar bear. These are just a few of the activities offered on Wumpas World, a very interactive web based game designed for children ages 3 to 5, HOWEVER, adults have been known to get stuck on this site for hours and hours.
Polar Pairs (Java Game):
  This java script matching game gives players a piece of trivia each time they correctly match two cards.
Info on the Arctic
Inuit Live in Nunavut (Canada):
  This website explores what it is like to be an Inuit child in Nunavut, Canada. Discover what kids wear in the Arctic, view photographs of a day in the life of an Inuit child and read about what they do for fun.
Animals of the Arctic:
  Produced for kids by kids, this web site is interactive and explores animals of the Arctic. There are several activities that range K-12 including instructions on the ancient craft of scrimshaw. Additional resources about the Arctic are also available.
Arctic Wildlife Portfolio:
  Biologist Doug Siegel-Causey shares his knowledge and special insights about the Arctic and it's inhabitants. Link to an arctic wildlife glossary or view photographs and information about animals found in the Arctic.
Alaska: A Bird's Eye View:
  Join Tutangiaq, the Canada goose, and explore Alaska from a unique perspective. Find out information on changing climate patterns, history in Alaska and much more. This site uses satellite imagery to illustrate volcanic eruptions and includes a compilation of online resources.