2000 Years of Climate Variablity from Arctic Lakes



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New: ARCSS 8k project

Proxy history and plans

Acustic survey, Crescent Lake, Alaska

This project originated as the “ARCSS 2 kyr Project”, which was funded from 2005-08 by the Arctic System Sciences Program of the US National Science Foundation as an outgrowth of the former PARCS (Paleoenvironmental Arctic Sciences) program. Three workshops were held for project participants to exchange information, identify impediments to progress, and to plan for a synthesis of results. The minutes of these project meetings are available here:

Project PIs organized a Theme Session for the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union: “The past two millennia in the Arctic: A long-term context for present-day changes”

Although the project originally focused on lakes in the North American Arctic, it has grown to include lakes in the east. This project is a component of the new IGP-PAGES Working Group on Arctic Climate During the Last Two Millennia (Arctic2k). Our proxy climate records from Arctic Lakes will be integrated into a larger network of sites that includes ice cores, tree rings, boreholes, and other archives. These will be used to investigate a range of questions related to climate change, including comparisons with climate model simulations. To facilitate this integration and comparison, our datasets are all publically available through the NOAA World Data Center for Paleoclimatology website.