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A system-scale, cross-disciplinary, long-term arctic research program

What's New?

Sea Ice Outlook

30 December 2013: The 2013 Sea Ice Outlook post-season report is available! {more}

Long-term Observing

12 November 2013: Funding for Long-term Observing Management and Governance Discussions {more}

Summary of New SEARCH Framework & Plan

This 5-page PDF summarizes the new SEARCH vision, mission, goals, planned activities, and structure: Download PDF here (900KB)

What's SEARCH?

Courtesy of Luci Eningowuk
Coastal erosion due to thawing permafrost and increased wave action threatens several arctic communities, including Shishmaref, Alaska. Photo © Native Village of Shishmaref. Courtesy of Luci Eningowuk

SEARCH is an interagency effort to understand the nature, extent, and future development of the system-scale change presently seen in the Arctic. These changes are occurring across terrestrial, oceanic, atmospheric and human systems, including:

  • increased air temperatures over most of the Arctic;
  • changing ocean circulation and rising coastal sea level;
  • reduced sea ice cover; and
  • thawing permafrost.

The core aim of SEARCH is to understand the recent and ongoing complex of interrelated pan-arctic changes. These changes are affecting ecosystems, living resources, and the human population, and are impacting local and global economic activities.

Learn about the history and development of the SEARCH program. {more}

More information about SEARCH science, program planning, meetings, and resources are available through the links to the left.