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> SBI Northern Bering Sea Ecosystem Study

Grab Sample


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1122051963

File Size: 126802

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Description: This is most, but not all, of the samples we collected this morning at our last station.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121962573

File Size: 90857

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Description: Bon spends most of his time in this small room, controlling the CTD casts.

CTD On Board


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121962528

File Size: 86300

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Description: Here's a picture of the CTD coming back on board the ship.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121894172

File Size: 120636

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Description: The spectacled eider prefers the tellinid clam on the left because of the soft shell and abundant meat. However, the population of the tellinid clams is declining and the nuculanid (golden clams on the right), with a harder shell and less meat, is on the rise.

Van Veen Out


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121876733

File Size: 114005

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Description: The van Veen coming back full; the bucket is closed.

HAPS On Deck


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121876676

File Size: 116521

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Description: When the HAPS core comes on deck, Jackie removes the core carefully so she doesn't disturb the sediments.

Jackie Lab


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121876637

File Size: 109493

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Description: Jackie Grebmeier in the lab where she conducts her respiratoin experiments.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121876533

File Size: 78425

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Description: Jackie will take three cores at each station using the HAPS core seen here going into the water.

Gerald Rohatensky


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121805676

File Size: 91075

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Description: Gerald Rohatensky, the ship's computer specialist, has spent a great deal of time helping me to set up my computer to make posting journals and photos easier.

Jerry Daly


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121805623

File Size: 88813

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Description: Jerry Daly's desserts and pastries are hard to resist.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121804616

File Size: 92963

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Description: Chief Cook, Bert Boisseau, keeps us well fed throughout the cruise.

Coffee Break


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121804527

File Size: 98747

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Description: Captain Thomas enjoys a coffee break with Bon.

Back On Deck


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121708683

File Size: 105990

Comments: 0 / Views: 1410

Description: As soon as the mooring was back on deck, Rebecca started to retrieve her instruments.

Mooring Out


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121708644

File Size: 104607

Comments: 0 / Views: 1682

Description: You can get a good idea of the instruments on the mooring in this picture as it is coming out of the water.

2 Diomedes


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121708598

File Size: 85825

Comments: 0 / Views: 1626

Description: Just before we started sampling we had a great view of both Big Diomede (on the left in this picture) and Little Diomede (on the right).

Chart - Diomedes


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121708426

File Size: 89322

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Description: On this chart, you can see the location of both Big Diomede and Little Diomede in relation to each other and the international boundary between Russia and the United States.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121643256

File Size: 145434

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Description: These amphipods in the cornerr of the sieve box, are the favorite food of the gray whales. (photo by Jeri Butcher)

Me Sieve


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121634543

File Size: 105761

Comments: 0 / Views: 1778

Description: We have to sieve the mud from the grab in order to get to the organisms.

Don't you think the mustang suit is flattering? (photo by Jeri Butcher)

Carry Grab


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121634481

File Size: 91414

Comments: 0 / Views: 1564

Description: We then carry the mud over to the sieve boxes. (photo by Jeri Butcher)

Van Veen All


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1121634444

File Size: 103755

Comments: 0 / Views: 1607

Description: Once the van Veen comes back on deck, we dump the mud and clean the grab before it goes back down. (Photo by Jeri Butcher)

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