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> Sediment Coring: Healy Icebreaker

I Could Have Been A St...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122359226

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Description: This is a picture of the local radio station, KBRW. I was supposed to contact the local radio host here for a possible interview about the research cruise, but the time just didn’t work out for that. This picture is the only visual reminder of me wondering if I have missed out on a fleeting chance at fame and fortune biggrin.gif

"White Lagoon"


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122359072

File Size: 11365

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Description: This is the view to the left of the road from which the previous picture of the high school and elementary school was taken. This was one of the several lagoons in the Barrow area

Looking Back...In More...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358965

File Size: 18142

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Description: As I continued my tour around Barrow, this was a view from the road I was on, looking back to the high school (on right). To the left, in the background with the same color scheme as the high school, is the Barrow’s elementary school

Something In Common


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358871

File Size: 18349

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Description: Being a high school teacher, I was told I should check out the Barrow High School. I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but it was impressive even from the outside. It is a state-of-the-art high school, complete with a swimming pool that is also available for community use. Also note, as with most buildings in a permafrost area, the building is on stilts. An orange natural gas pipeline (foreground) is also above ground. Stilts and above ground utilities prevent both melting of the permafrost and damage to utilities.

Memorial Engraving


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358783

File Size: 39616

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Description: This is one of the four engraved sides of the granite pedestal that supports the top of the memorial shown in the previous picture. If have trouble reading it, it reads, “Dedicated August 15, 1982 in memory of Will Rogers and Wiley Post. Searching for the top of the world, they lost their lives August 15, 1935 when Post’s unnamed experimental plane crashed just 16 miles short of their destination. From this spot in Barrow, Alaska, their bodies were flown back home for burial. Their spirits keep winging onward!”

And On Your Left Is…


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358717

File Size: 22366

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Description: Since I took a picture of the directional sign that was next to the Will Rogers/Wiley Post Memorial, I thought I should probably take a picture of the….Will Rogers/Wiley Post Memorial! This is the top of the memorial

Which Way Do I Go?


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358642

File Size: 21793

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Description: This was a directional/mileage sign next to the Will Rogers/Wiley Post Memorial. It was interesting to me that here in Barrow, you are closer to places like Norway than you are to many places in the United States

Yes, I AM a Tourist


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358533

File Size: 20501

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Description: I’m not positive, but I would think if the residents of Barrow saw me take this picture, they likely had the same reaction you might have is someone came to your town and took a picture of say….the local garbage collection truck? It might be something like, “WHY is he taking a picture of THAT? What a tourist….And a strange one at that smile.gif !” Yes, they might take what’s shown here for granted, but for me, this was a unique thing: This is a water truck that is used to wet down the roads. Since Barrow is very dry, and the roads mostly gravel and dust, this procedure helps keep the dust under control. I couldn’t help but wonder, though….Doesn’t it also add to the mud seen all over the cars??

Barrow 99723


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358447

File Size: 20933

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Description: I don’t know if it was its simplicity, the unique way of proving I was here, or what, but I found the sign on the FAA building to be interesting



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358375

File Size: 25567

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Description: This was the FAA building we were next to two weeks ago when we were waiting for the helicopters to take us out to the Healy. Seeing it again brought back the memories of the whole experience, and two weeks seemed a lot further back than it is

Off They Go


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358273

File Size: 1939

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Description: Continuing my tour of Barrow, I heard and saw the plane finally take off between 8:30 and 8:45. I wonder if those on the plane saw me wave when it was at this point biggrin.gif

Feeling Left Out…But O...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1122358178

File Size: 14324

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Description: This was my view of the airplane that brought the remainder of our group, except for two others and me, back to their respective homes. This picture was taken by squeezing the camera lens through a chained fence as best I could (the edge of the fence gate is to the right in the picture). Thinking about how strange that might have looked, I wondered what was going through the minds of anyone who saw me! unsure.gif

Another Second-hand Pi...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353931

File Size: 13064

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Description: This is another picture of a picture. It shows the whale being cut up into smaller, bite-size pieces. This was very similar to our taste-test samples of fermented whale that we were to get at the whaling festival the next day. You heard me right….FERMENTED whale…Yum yum blink.gif

Picture of a Picture


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353851

File Size: 11477

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Description: While it may not be that clear, I thought taking a picture of a picture showing how a whale is processed once caught was interesting

Tools of the Trade


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353804

File Size: 21151

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Description: This was just one example of the many harpoons and spears on display that were used for whaling

Looks Pretty Warm!


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353760

File Size: 19751

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Description: One of the things that stood out was how elaborate some of the coats were. I wondered if the types of coats and what they were made out of had any meaning such as status or group

Whaling Camp Gear


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353711

File Size: 22868

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Description: This was one of many displays showing the types of clothes and other gear used in whaling camps

Universal Values


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353662

File Size: 20897

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Description: Another sign describing the Iñupiat values and the corresponding spelling in the Iñupiat language. While some are unique to this culture, it’s interesting to see how many are shared by most cultures



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353614

File Size: 22356

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Description: This was one of many signs placed throughout the exhibits to describe the Iñupiat people and their way of life

Close Up


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353574

File Size: 20866

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Description: This view, especially the texture of the boat, is what made me think these were mostly bone carvings. Realizing this was from Kaktovik now had even more significance since that was the location of the bear attacks the day before.

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