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> Sun Steam
Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow On: May 30 2006, 05:34 PM Views: 847 · Comments: 0
5/22/06 - I often stand on the bridge and stare out at the sea in silent reflection. (This picture was taken at 12:30 a.m., by the way.) My reflections are occasionally interrupted – in a good way – by a doubt. Am I really here? This whole experience has been surreal. I can’t believe that I have been given the chance to be here on the Healy in the Bering Sea. So, I have to act like a tourist and take that occasional novelty photo of myself to remind myself later that I really was here. You know you all have one of these where you stretch the camera as far away from yourself as your arm will go… I am sure I could easily ask someone to take my picture, but then it wouldn’t hold its place as that kind of novelty photo, would it?
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Photostrip for Ecological change in the Bering Sea
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