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Ted Fathauer


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153521439

File Size: 123184

Comments: 0 / Views: 1664

Description: Ted Fathauer is a weather forecaster who volunteered to come along to support the science work on this cruise. He's been helping out with the CTD and XBT's.

Stephanie with CTD


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153521401

File Size: 102686

Comments: 0 / Views: 1574

Description: Stephanie King spends most of her time working with the CTD bottle rosette. Clearly she loves her work!

Jackie with Haps


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153521338

File Size: 102442

Comments: 0 / Views: 1541

Description: Jackie is getting ready to guide the Haps core over and into the water. You can see the core barrel at the bottom.

Packing the Van


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153519807

File Size: 139071

Comments: 0 / Views: 1554

Description: Everyone had started packing over the last couple of days, but the push was on today to wrap things up. Here are just a few of the boxes and pieces of equipment that we labeled in the van on deck.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153507975

File Size: 86498

Comments: 0 / Views: 1535

Description: We've been seeing walrus all evening, but these were the first I saw and actually the first I had ever seen up here.

Me, Rebecca, and Ice


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153443603

File Size: 67173

Comments: 0 / Views: 1581

Description: Last night we spotted ice on the horizon and rushed on to the deck to sieve the last of Jackie's cores. Peter Lee took this picture of Rebecca and me just as we were getting into the ice and finishing the cores.

Polar Bear


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153443567

File Size: 58698

Comments: 0 / Views: 1620

Description: Just before dinner someone spotted a polar bear off the bow. We all watched for over a half hour as it devoured its dinner. Once the ship moved, it went into the water and swam away. (photo by Rebecca Pirtle-Levy)

Dr. Koji Shimada and Hirokatsu Uno


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153443524

File Size: 97345

Comments: 0 / Views: 1521

Description: standing on deck with the mooring they have just retrieved.

Caitlin with GTD


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153340728

File Size: 133968

Comments: 0 / Views: 1475

Description: Be sure to compare this piece of equipment to the bio acoustic fish. Caitlin O'Neill works with both and gets good data from both. Science isn't always neat.

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