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Off the top


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153252614

File Size: 103466

Comments: 0 / Views: 1339

Description: When the first mud grab comes up, we take small samples off the top
for analysis. Often it's Rebecca Pirtle-Levy taking the samples as she is
in this picture.

Photo by: Koji Shimada

van Veen out of the water


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153252507

File Size: 123866

Comments: 0 / Views: 1416

Description: At each station we send the van Veen down 5 times to grab mud from the bottom. You can tell that it's coming up in this picture because it's closed.

Photo by: Jackie Callen

Ice off Pt. Barrow


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153252395

File Size: 239293

Comments: 0 / Views: 1027

Description: The ice observer on board, Denis Lambert, passed along this aerial photo of the ice off Pt. Barrow, Alaska, where the ship is headed. You can see Pt. Barrow in the top left of the photo.

Mooring in


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153153074

File Size: 107091

Comments: 0 / Views: 1017

Description: You can see the entire mooring in this picture, from the floats at the top to the train wheel at the bottom.

Rebecca Woodgate


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153152960

File Size: 116467

Comments: 0 / Views: 919

Description: Rebecca Woodgate has now succesfully retrieved three moorings and deployed three others while on this cruise. She seen here with an Aanderaa current meter.

Little Diomede


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153152896

File Size: 78372

Comments: 0 / Views: 894

Description: If you look closely, you can see the settlement of Diomede on Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait.

Satellite image Bering Strait


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153152841

File Size: 66784

Comments: 0 / Views: 922

Description: This satellite image clearly shows the russian island of Big Diomede and the U.S. Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait.

Jackie Callen


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153152268

File Size: 127429

Comments: 0 / Views: 905

Description: Jackie Callen is actually the nurse on board the Laurier. She took a break from her own duties to help make sushi for dinner.

Lee Cooper


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1153152229

File Size: 93977

Comments: 0 / Views: 851

Description: We were doing a mud station when Lee noticed this rock we had found in mud from one of the SLIP stations. Lee was pretty certain that it was granite from Little Diomede Island which had probably moved south, on the ice.

Photo by: Koji Shimada

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