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Flying Over Arctic Ocean


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151466328

File Size: 53207

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Description: The Arctic Ocean was still partially frozen close to the shore in some areas. I was hoping for a chance to see polar bears since I was flying over the ocean; however, I did not see any.

Prudhoe Bay Oil Field


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151466213

File Size: 58599

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Description: This is another very small section of the gigantic oil industry in Prudhoe Bay.

Prudhoe Bay Oil Field


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151466137

File Size: 36760

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Description: This is one very small section of the oil field. British Petroleum (BP) owns and operates most of Prudhoe Bay.

Touching Arctic Ocean


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151465973

File Size: 92434

Comments: 0 / Views: 1956

Description: This is a picture of me touching the Arctic Ocean. The couple taking the picture were from Sweden. I would have never guessed I would have met a couple from Sweden in Deadhorse. It just seems unlikely! The water
was thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit. One boy in his twenties jumped into the water for a minute. laugh.gif

Alaska Airlines


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151465736

File Size: 54273

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Description: There is one very small airport in Deadhorse operated by Alaska Airlines. There are 3,500 transient workers in Deadhorse. There are only five residents as shown by the United States Census Bureau!

Arctic Caribou Inn


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151465440

File Size: 47711

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Description: The picture shows the front of the Arctic Caribou Inn where I started the tour in the vehicle you see parked. All of the buildings in Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse look the same. There are only two hotels - Arctic Caribou Inn (pictured) and Prudhoe Bay Hotel in the small area. There is one building which contains a general store, post office, movie rental business, and Napa Auto Store under the same roof. The airport exists in Deadhorse as well. These are the only buildings besides the oil industry that exist.

End of Dalton


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151464460

File Size: 48223

Comments: 0 / Views: 1857

Description: This is the sign on the general store/post office/NAPA Auto Parts building that displays you have reached the end of the Dalton Highway in Deadhorse, Alaska. I drove the entire length of the Dalton Highway. It was quite beautiful.

Rocky mountains


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151298036

File Size: 66549

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Description: This is a picture of rocky mountains lining Atigun River Gorge. There were amazing to view!



Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151297552

File Size: 58289

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Description: This is a great view of the valley where we hiked. We hiked six miles in five hours. It seems slow, but the terrain was not easy at times. Plus, we stopped for a long lunch by the beautiful Atigun River. Then, we hunted for geodes, fossils, and flowers as well as photographed everything.

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