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> Pre-Historical Human-Environment Interactions: Russia

Russian Bookstore


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Description: The inside of a bookstore (where we were sent to locate staples). All of the books and such are behind the counter and the clerks help you locate what you want.

Outside the Hotel Ivra...


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On: 1158701696

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Description: The view from my window in the Hotel Ivrasnia.

A Russian "Superma...


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On: 1158701639

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Description: A view inside the store where we bought our fist Russian meal.

View from the cab in Y...


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On: 1158701486

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Description: A view from the cab as we drove through Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The town is very rundown looking, with lots of old buildings and roads with lots of potholes.

Vodopadnaya and Glushnaya


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1158178482

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Description: On the left: The test pit that we dug through part of a midden at Vodopadnaya after we had lined the hole with plastic sheeting, backfilled the dirt, laid down plastic netting and replaced the sod. No archaeologist will accidentally dig in THIS previously excavated spot now!
In the center: Alexander Pakhamov, Jesse Einhorn, Mike Etnier, Dr. Valery Shubin, Tanya Pinegina, James Taylor and Beth Martin head to the beach on Northern Simushir Island for the night.
On the right: Vladimir Golobtsov, Bre MacInnes, Katya Kravchunovskaya, Jody Bourgeois and Dena Berkey head to the beach in the second zodiac run.

Water Loading and Flin...


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1158178329

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Description: On the left: Dr. Shubin and one of the crew members work to connect the two ends of the fire hose – one from shore and one from the ship – so that fresh water can be loaded into the ship’s holding tanks.
On the right: Bre MacInnes works on flint knapping a junk piece of rock using a hammer stone to knock off flakes that could then be further shaped if necessary into usable tools. We really began to admire the craftsmanship that ancient peoples must have had to create such a wealth of lithic tools. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Dockside in Korsakov


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On: 1157274608

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Description: On the left: Mike Etnier, Sasha Pakhamov, Kenji Ito, Matt Walsh, Jesse Einhorn, and Sasha Belusov work to take gear from the hold and transport it, fire brigade style, to the dock.

On the right: Ben Fitzhugh, Jody Bourgeois, Colby Phillips, Dena Berkey, Beth Martin, James Taylor, Kenji Ito and Paul Hezel site on the dock near the Gipanis as we wait for the bus back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Aug 25-27 - Simushir


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1157273700

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Description: On the left: One of our last views of the Kuril Islands - Simushir as we last looked upon its southern volcanic peaks. From this angle, the several peaks appear as one large volcanic cone. (Yes, Virginia, there are days without fog in the Kuril Islands.)

On the right: Paul Hezel on the top deck amidst the fog that will most likely shroud our ship for the next two days as we transit through the Sea of Okhotsk.

Animal Teeth Comparison


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1157273461

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Description: This picture shows the jawbones and molars of two animals - one is a fox and one is a sea otter. Can you figure out which is which?

August 23-24


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On: 1157272921

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Description: On the left: Jesse Einhorn walks across a patch of snow on the south bank of a river on Paramushir Island. The riverbed was composed of solid pyroclastic flow – cemented angular rocks of mixed mineralogy and sizes – which had flowed from a volcanic eruption at high temperature and speed before solidifying here.

On the right: A view to the lighthouse at Vasil’ev Bay on southern Paramushir Island from the beach where we were picked up on the morning of August 24.

Group Photo on Paramus...


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1157272667

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Description: Our group that worked at Lake Pernatoye on Vasil’ev Bay located at the southern end of Paramushir Island posing with Vladimir Putin in a traditional Russian photo (no smiles) in front of our home for the week. Back row, from the left – Jesse Einhorn, Tanya Pinegina, Katya Kravchunovskaya, Jody Bourgeois, Misty Nikula-Ohlsen and Pat Anderson. Front row, from the left – Alexander “Sasha” Pakhamov, Anatoly “Tolya” Lozhkin, Pavel “Pasha” Minyuk and Vladimir Putin.

My First Solo Excavation


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1157272474

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Description: My first completely solo excavation! I single-handedly dug the entire excavation, described it and drew up the section. I have become an accomplished novice geologist! Near the bottom of the pit, which is about 90 cm deep, you can see the distinctive Kuril Lake tephra – lighter brown in color and thick, with a black tephra layer just below it.

Peat Work


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1157272305

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Description: On the left: Katya Kravchunovskaya looks down into the 3 meter deep peat excavation as Jody Bourgeois and Tanya Pinegina work to describe and sample the exposed surfaces on the walls.

On the right: Jody Bourgeois hugs a dirty Katya Kravchunovskaya. After the hitting the artesian well, Katya worked hard in the bottom of the pit to keep up with removing the incoming water and mud as well as to salvage remaining samples of the wall (one of which you can just see in the bottom left part of the picture).

Plastic Tube Sampling


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156525780

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Description: Anatoly Lozhkin, Pat Anderson and I work to take samples from the uppermost section of lake sediments from Lake Pernatoye. As I slowly pushed the tube down a centimeter at a time, Tolya scraped the sediments into a sample bag that had been labeled by Pat.

Lake Coring


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156525709

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Description: On the left: Alexander “Sasha” Pakhamov (standing), Pavel “Pasha” Minyuk (kneeling behind corer) and Anatoly “Tolya” Lozhkin (bending over in yellow) work the lake coring equipment – affectionately known as “Mr. Livingston” after its creator.

In the center: Pat Anderson works to measure one of the first cores while Anatoly Lozhkin observes. The general public should note the use of an improvised measuring instrument. When we got out to the platform, the meter stick could not be located, so a replacement was created.

On the right: A close up of one of the sand or tephra layers in the core. These could most easily be identified by the change in texture, more than color.

Paramushir Mountains


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156525663

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Description: A view of the mountains on Paramushir directly to the north of us at Lake Pernatoye on one of the two glorious weather days that we experienced. We were on Paramushir for 7 days and only saw the mountains clearly for the greater part of two of them.

Aug 19 - 2 of 2


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156524716

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Description: On the left: The first brown bear that wandered up to our camp on Paramushir at about 4 in the afternoon. The dog is barking furiously at the bear and Sasha is taking pictures (along with the rest of us).

On the right: A closer picture of the second bear that wandered up to our camp on Paramushir, about half an hour later. Again the dog barked at it and it wandered right back off.

August 19 - 1 of 2


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156524625

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Description: On the left: Jesse Einhorn and Alexander “Sasha” Pakhamov construct a tarp lean-to for the cooking fire at our Paramushir camp.

On the right: Jody Bourgeois spends a rainy afternoon at the Paramushir camp cooking field pancakes. She is in the back room where all of our wet clothes are attempting to be dried by the kerosene stove/heater that she is cooking on. It was a very slow process, about 10 minutes per side, 4 pancakes at a time, but they were so VERY DELICIOUS!

August 17 - 2 of 2


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156523933

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Description: On the left: The abandoned Russian Border Patrol barrack where we made our home while we worked in the field on Paramushir Island. This building was just a part of an entire complex of buildings that encircled Lake Pernatoye.

On the right: Pavel “Pasha” Minyuk and Jody Bourgeois admire the framed picture of Vladimir Putin that we hung on a shelf above the “dining room” table of the house that we lived in for 7 days while working in the field on Paramushir Island.

August 17 - 1 of 2


Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen

On: 1156523870

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Description: On the left: James Taylor, Katya Kravchunovskaya, Mike Etnier, Matt Walsh, Jesse Einhorn, Pavel “Pasha” Minyuk and Alexander “Sasha” Pakhamov greet Dr. Shubin and Vladimir “Volodya” Golobtsov on the final zodiac run to the beach at Vasil’ev Bay on Paramushir Island. Also aboard the zodiac, but not visible in the picture are Pat Anderson and Tanya Pinegina.

On the right: Me working to carry gear up the beach from Vasil’ev Bay to our field site near Pernatoye Lake on Paramushir Island.

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