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> Ecological change in the Bering Sea

First Ice


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147283183

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Description: What's the difference between sea ice and an iceberg? This is a chunk of sea ice that resembles an iceberg. Icebergs are usually chunks of ice that fall off a glacier into the ocean. Sea ice forms directly in the ocean. In this picture, you can really see what the saying about the "tip of the iceberg" really means. The white part is what is above water and you can see that there is so much more of it below the water, the light blue parts.



Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147283030

File Size: 27582

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Description: When I woke up this morning, I saw ice out of my porthole! How much more is there to come? The reflection in the lower right of the picture is from the windows on the bridge.

May 8 Map


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147282966

File Size: 60394

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Description: Here is a map of the route we have traveled and our location at the time this journal was written.

Sifting Through the Tr...


Uploaded by: Patricia_Janes

On: 1147282319

File Size: 43683

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Description: Jason (left) and Chris (right) sift through the different species of marine life that they pulled up using a large net.

Basket Stars


Uploaded by: Patricia_Janes

On: 1147282225

File Size: 49613

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Description: Basket stars are a type of brittle star. They are related to sea stars, with which you might be more familiar. Basket stars eat detritus, or matter that is formed when plants and animals decay.



Uploaded by: Patricia_Janes

On: 1147282188

File Size: 46761

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Description: Crabs eat clams. Spectacled eiders, a type of bird, also eat clams. One question that Jason has is: How many crabs are competing with spectacled eiders for food?

Lifting the Grab


Uploaded by: Patricia_Janes

On: 1147282149

File Size: 37801

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Description: A system of cables and pulleys slowly lifts the heavy van Veen from the water. It is loaded with a muddy sediment from the bottom of the Bering Sea.

Animals in the Grab


Uploaded by: Patricia_Janes

On: 1147282110

File Size: 66695

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Description: This box of muck contains all sorts of tiny creatures. After washing away the mud, we find clams, sea worms, and more.

Dall's Porpoise


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147196587

File Size: 5399

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Description: This is a picture of a Dall’s porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli). One of them briefly jumped out of the water so we could see its shape and coloring to make a positive identification. For the most part, we only saw their “blows” (water they blow out of their blowholes). Picture credit: National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California - Santa Barbara

Healy at Dock


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147196505

File Size: 37997

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Description: Our first look at the Healy!

Ruth - WWII Bunker


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147196188

File Size: 71913

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Description: That’s Ruth looking through a window in the bunker at the WWII memorial.

Ruth Cooper


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147196147

File Size: 39015

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Description: Ruth Cooper, youngest VIP on the ship.

Sam - Anchorage Airport


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195710

File Size: 29476

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Description: This is Sam at the Anchorage airport, waiting to catch the very small airplane to Dutch Harbor.

World War II Bunker


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195547

File Size: 63931

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Description: This is the entrance to the bunker at the WWII memorial. Can you imagine hiding in there with soldiers while being bombed by the enemy? There are so many of them all around the community.

Unalaska Mountain


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195461

File Size: 46854

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Description: A snow covered peak in Unalaska.

Strange Line


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195391

File Size: 16592

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Description: There is a strange line on the side of one of the smaller mountains in Dutch Harbor. I asked a few people and no one seemed to know where it came from. I heard everything from hiking trails to a trench for a pipe. Can you trace the line across the side of the small mountain?

Russian Parsonage


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195333

File Size: 48681

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Description: This is the parsonage for the Russian Cathedral. It has not been restored like the church has, but it seems like I can still envision it in its former glory. Do you know what a parsonage is for?

Eagles Dump


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147195283

File Size: 58845

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Description: Bald Eagles are a common site here in Dutch Harbor. They blend well with the cliff. How many can you count? We have seen them frequently on fences and posts, wherever they can perch - all around the community.

Patty - cold


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147194997

File Size: 33859

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Description: Patty was a little chilly at Summer Bay.

Beach Sparkle


Uploaded by: Samantha_Dassler_Barlow

On: 1147194940

File Size: 42279

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Description: Can you tell why this is my favorite picture from Dutch Harbor?

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