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Our research truck


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150416337

File Size: 86974

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Description: I wanted to show you the picture of our research truck. It is really dirty, because the Dalton Highway is dusty and muddy at times. The researchers have lovingly named the truck Wedgie the Whale. Since it is a blue Ford F250, the color of blue reminded the researchers of Wedgewood Blue. The truck is so large so whale became part of the name as well - Wedgie the Whale.

Brooks Mountain Range


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150415268

File Size: 64316

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Description: When we crossed Atigun Pass through the Brooks Mountain Range, we were 4,739 feet above sea level. As you travel over the pass, you cross the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide is elevated terrain which forms a border between two watersheds.

A rainbow in the Brooks Mountain Range


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150415036

File Size: 50343

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Description: This is a picture of the most beautiful rainbow. We were at the bottom of Atigun Pass of the Brooks Mountain Range. You could see all six colors perfectly.

A section of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150414842

File Size: 57285

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Description: The pipeline is an amazing engineering wonder. They even allowed for areas for the caribou to cross under the pipeline.

My view of the Dalton Highway


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150414645

File Size: 39307

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Description: I sat in the back seat of a double cab Ford F250 truck all the way up the Dalton Highway. This was my view looking out the front window.

Reindeer at the University of Alaska -Fairbanks


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150240533

File Size: 67415

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Reindeer roaming at the farm owned by the University of Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1145986407

File Size: 76332

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We walked from ARCUS to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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