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Canoe Ride


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151295336

File Size: 56660

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Description: We had the best time taking a canoe ride across Toolik Lake. The lake is crystal clear. It is seventy feet deep. We decided to reduce our hiking time by taking the canoe across the lake. It was really fun!

Beginning of Journey


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151295137

File Size: 54216

Comments: 0 / Views: 1549

Description: This is a picture of Jade Mountain. This is not the real Jade Mountain in the western part of Alaska where jade is mined. This is a Toolik name for the mountain near us. It was given that name, because it is a beautiful green color in the summer due to the vegetation. Jade Mountain is the one in the middle. When I started the journey, I was contemplating from this vantage point how I was going to make it to the top.

Jennie burying data logger


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151294331

File Size: 104237

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Description: Jennie DeMarco is burying the data logger into the ground five millimeters. We spent three hours hiking to the snow fence sites to bury and flag the data loggers. Soil temperature records are an important part of this experiment.

Data logger


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151294191

File Size: 58564

Comments: 0 / Views: 1010

Description: This is a picture of a computerized data logger. Thirty data loggers were placed at randomly selected points in our experiment plots. They will record ground temperatures for an entire year. It is amazing that all of that data will be in something so small. They were buried five millimeters under the ground.

"The Shaker"


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151128304

File Size: 53760

Comments: 0 / Views: 986

Description: This contraption allows scientists to place items inside in order for them to be shaken vigorously. Our soil core samples are inside the crate ready to be shaken. Salt was poured in each soil cup. The salt will separate various compounds from the soil in order for tests to be conducted. It is called a "salt extraction".

Peter and his microscope


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151128120

File Size: 58339

Comments: 0 / Views: 1079

Description: Peter Ray is a retired professor from Standford University. He taught college courses for forty-seven years so he has a wealth of knowledge to share. In this picture, he is analyzing cross sections of shrub branches to discover their age. He has great patience when slicing sections off of shrub branches. It takes great precision. Peter is married to Syndonia Bret-Harte.

Elise measuring leaves


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151127919

File Size: 54427

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Description: Alyse is measuring the length of leaves. I helped measure the leaves for a couple of hours as well. Scientists use the metric system. The data we collected will be compared each year to study shrub growth.

Toolik Sauna


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151127758

File Size: 64510

Comments: 0 / Views: 944

Description: This is a picture of the antiquated sauna at Toolik. I have visited it a couple of times to help relax my sore muscles; however, I am not a fan of one hundred and seventy degree temperatures so I did not stay long. smile.gif

Charmagne pouring samples


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1151127618

File Size: 60366

Comments: 0 / Views: 865

Description: Charmagne is pouring the filtered soil water into vials which will be taken to the lab at the University of Florida for further testing. I labeled all of the vials for the experiment so I contributed to this part of the experiment as well.

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