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> Arctic Tundra Ecosystems: Toolik Lake, Alaska

Toolik Lake Monster


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150960896

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Description: This picture of the Toolik Lake Monster was taken at the Summer Solstice Party. Scientists can be very creative people!

Summer Solstice Party


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150960650

File Size: 37616

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Description: This scientist dressed as a plant. Notice her green sweater and creative headband plus she included her genus and species name along with the common plant name. Creative! smile.gif

Summer Solstice Costum...


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150960341

File Size: 28105

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Description: This scientist is dressed as Deadman's Finger Lichen. If you reference my photo of what Deadman's Finger Lichen really looks like, he was very creative with his simple design. smile.gif

Chloroform Fumigation ...


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150960082

File Size: 38542

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Description: This machine extracts nitrogen from the soil. It takes twenty-four hours.



Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150933739

File Size: 136532

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Description: Tussock is the ground covering that you see the majority of the time when you are in the Arctic. It is so challenging to walk on ground covered in Tussock. Tussock is defined as an area of raised compact ground held together by roots of low vegetation.

Deadman's Finger L...


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150933042

File Size: 129484

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Description: Lichen is an organism consisting of an outer fungal body. This lichen is called Deadman's Finger Lichen, because it resembles pale creepy fingers sticking out of the ground. The fingers feel just like the fingers in a rubber glove. smile.gif

Reindeer Lichen


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150932877

File Size: 52215

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Description: Lichen is an organism consisting of an outer fungal body. The picture shows Reindeer Lichen. It is named this because it resembles the antlers of a reindeer.

Toolik Community Center


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150932525

File Size: 58191

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Description: The Toolik Community Center is a weatherport utilized for special meetings such as the weekly Tuesday "Toolik Talking Shop".

Weighing biomass


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150932379

File Size: 59897

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Description: Hanna and Caitlin are weighing the biomass of soil in the lab using an electronic scale. Biomass is defined as the total weight of living organisms.

Caribou scat


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150932293

File Size: 133496

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Description: This is a picture of caribou scat. Scat is what scientists call animal droppings. You must double click on the picture so it will be enlarged so you can see the tiny black balls of scat left by the caribou.



Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150926097

File Size: 59258

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Description: Some of the scientists at Toolik live in weatherports which are basically tents with more structure. The other "campers" live in tents, modular buildings, and campers.

Lovely lake


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150925975

File Size: 43924

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Description: This is a lovely picture of Toolik Lake. Toolik Lake is seventy feet deep.

Tracy weeding


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150925864

File Size: 98231

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Description: This is a picture of me weeding a plot. I was plucking betula from the plot. This study has been ongoing for eight years. This is challenging work which is really hard on your knees and back. I would look at the snowy Brooks Mountain Range in the distance and forget about my pain, though. smile.gif

Michelle & litter ...


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150925677

File Size: 120128

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Description: Michelle Mack, ecologist, is burying litter bags in the tundra to study the rates of decomposition among plant leaves.

ANWR speaker


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150925598

File Size: 49893

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Description: ANWR stands for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Every Tuesday at Toolik, we have the "Toolik Talking Shop" in the community center. Scientists will share research they are conducting at Toolik plus special speakers are invited. Our special speaker was Roger Kaye, manager of ANWR. He gave a wonderful talk titled "The Last Great Wilderness: The Campaign to Establish the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge". It was fascinating!

Ptarmigan eggs


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150925319

File Size: 154935

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Description: Alaska's state bird is the ptarmigan. We found these broken ptarmigan eggs on our lichen hike. We decided that an Arctic fox invaded the nest.

Cassiope tetatragona


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150852745

File Size: 154841

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Description: You must look closely to spot this precious little yellow flower. You will need to double click on the picture to enlarge it.

Michelle Mack measuring


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150852281

File Size: 79040

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Description: Michelle Mack is measuring a plot along the snow fence.

Dryas octapetala


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150851013

File Size: 112880

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Description: An adorable Arctic flower! The species' name implies it has eight petals. Count the petals after you click on the picture to enlarge it.

Rhododendron lapponicum


Uploaded by: Tracy_Alley

On: 1150850798

File Size: 137054

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Description: An adorable Arctic flower!

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