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> Carbon and Water Cycles: Thule, Greenland

Swimming in the Arctic


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Description: Yes, people actually go swimming in the Arctic. On our hike into the eastern hills above Kanger Air Base our team found this crystal clear lake formed by groundwater in a gorgeous fen. Several members of the team simply could not resist the opportunity to go "swimming in the Arctic". Their expressions were typical of those experiencing northern lakes for the first time.

One the Eastern Ridge ...


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Description: Part of our team stopped for this group photo on the eastern ridge above Kanger Air Base. In the background, at the far upper right, the Greenland Ice Sheet is barely visible.

Trail Markers


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Description: Any former Scouts out there? Those of you who earned your ranks/progress awards when tracking and trailing were part of the requirements may recognize this trail marker--a standard structure for identifying trails or significant features along the trail. This pyramidal trail marker sign is still used in Greenland as there is a complete absence of wood unless it is brought in by ship or plane. Therefore, trails must be marked used available resources--rocks, in this case.

Glacier-fed River


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Description: This river flowing toward the fjord is fed from snow and glacier melt.

A fjord


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Description: Kanger Air Base is located at the end of the world's longest fjord, approximately 185 km inland from the sea. In the distance are snow-capped peaks poking through the cloud cover.

Sea Ice!!


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On: 1121219966

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Description: Our first view of sea ice. Sea ice flows much farther south along the Canadian coast than along the western coast of Greenland due to the presence of a warming current along Greenland's western coast.

Checking the Map at Go...


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On: 1121219754

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Description: How far north are we? How far have we traveled? Members of the Summitt and Thule teams check the maps at Goose Bay while Air Force personnel refuel the C-130.

Passenger Compartment


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Description: Everyone is buckled in and we are off. We are sitting inside the passenger compartment of the C-130 heading toward Goose Bay, the first stop on our trip to Thule.

Safety-Belt Buckle


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Description: No just click it here. This safety belt buckle requires slide the clip in, snap the click back, press the clip into place, and then adjust your strap so everything fits nice and snug.

Strapped in and ready ...


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Description: Sitting in the passenger compartment of a C-130 is a little different from that of a commercial jet. Everyone sits next to each other along a bench. The seat backs are made of plastic mesh.

Boarding our flight


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Description: Members of the Thule team, Summitt team, and other support personnel boarding the C-130.

Loading our Gear


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Description: Heavy bags and equipment is moved on a pallet to the C-130 loading bay.

Waiting to Board the C...


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Description: The group waits at Scratton Air Base for the okay to board. The "passenger waiting room" is a little different from those found in a commercial civilan airport.

The Finished Fishnet/H...


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Inspecting the Net


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Tightening the Net


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Working on the net


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The net continues


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Fishnet construction c...


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Fishnet construction b...


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