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Arctic Ground Squirrel


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156464012

File Size: 68413

Comments: 0 / Views: 1943

Description: The arctic ground squirrel (a.k.a. - sic sic) often visits the quarry. These rabbit sized animals have terrorized the research team for weeks on end using uncanny methods of distraction. A high pitched bark draws all attention to a sic sic next to the quarry. With all eyes focused on the noisy sic sic, its other family members chew through packs to steal lunches.

Plastering in Pouring Rain


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156325089

File Size: 40602

Comments: 0 / Views: 1955

Description: Chris and Thomas add additional pieces of plaster covered burlap to an undercut portion of the pachyrhinosaur skull. Even though conventional methods yield poor results when plastering in cold rain, the team has no choice. The skull most be rolled free from the quarry tomorrow or it will be lost.

Tony Plastering Prized Skull


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156324906

File Size: 57733

Comments: 0 / Views: 2006

Description: No longer able to await better weather, Tony races against the clock to jacket and remove a potentially articulated pachyrhinosaur skull. The skull is locked in solid rock and many days have been spent carefully chiseling the skull free from the frozen tundra. If the skull cannot be freed soon, it will be left behind and probably lost to the Colville River as the quarry continues to slump.

Chris with Plaster Hands


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156324670

File Size: 48565

Comments: 0 / Views: 2016

Description: Our extraction date for this expedition is fast approaching. Because so many days have been lost to poor weather, we are working in conditions not particularly suitable for working with plaster. One method we have used in our race against the clock is heating water on a portable campers stove. Chris Strganac (Southern Methodist University) can be seen mixing plaster with his hands as we race to get a jacket around the skull of a pachyrhinosaur.

Ok to Enter Caribou Lounge


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156324277

File Size: 54321

Comments: 0 / Views: 2003

Description: Thomas drew on some river rocks so people would know when the Caribou Lounge (i.e. - bathroom) was occupied. This side of the rock implied it was safe to proceed further. Another message on the reverse side of the rock clearly let you know to stay back.

First Helicopter Sling


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156324115

File Size: 19170

Comments: 0 / Views: 1951

Description: Despite a morning snow storm, we were able to work at the quarry today because the NOVA film crew arrived at camp with a helicopter. The helicopter took us to the quarry so the film crew could get some shots. They offered to take some materials to Umiat for us. This photo shows the first jacket flying from the quarry.

Dino Camp


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156323725

File Size: 49454

Comments: 0 / Views: 1895

Description: This is a view from my tent of the Dino Camp. The large tent is designed for eight people and presently serves as our kitchen, den, library, and place to sit in bad weather.

Snow in August


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156323564

File Size: 31939

Comments: 0 / Views: 1874

Description: Nothing makes you want to get out of your tent in the morning then freshly fallen snow. Weather in the Arctic is unusal. One moment it can be 50 degrees with partly sunny skies. Five minutes later, freezing rain accompanied by bone chilling winds. This is why seasoned researchers always carry a day pack with them loaded with a variety of clothes.

Field Sketch of Pachyrhinosaur


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1156323300

File Size: 40662

Comments: 0 / Views: 1991

Description: This field sketch of a pachyrhinosaur was drawn by Thomas Adams while he waited for bad weather to clear.

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