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Air Route to Alaska


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1154222836

File Size: 83902

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Description: The red line on this map of North America represents the path I took from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Field Assistant Testing Equipment


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1154103698

File Size: 55618

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Description: It is always a good idea to test all equipment before leaving for field work. This is the tent I will live in for a month while working on the North Slope of Alaska. The field assistant checking the quality of my work is my son Wyatt.

Reindeer at the North Pole


Uploaded by: Jason_Petula

On: 1145938711

File Size: 57067

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Description: This is a young male reindeer located at North Pole, Alaska. This is a unique example of Alaska's fauna because once a year it is capable of flight. Evolutionary biologist attribute this unique evolutionary adaptation to a build up of methane gas in the animals stomach. When the gas reaches a critical limit, the animal's density becomes less than air. This phenomena occurs near the winter solstice and lasts for roughly 24 hours. After that time, the reindeer naturally releases the gas and gently returns to Earth. This unique attribute of the reindeer has inspired many interesting tales from cultures around the world.

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