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> Climate Change and Atmosphere: Greenland Ice Sheet

Mike Bergin sampling snow


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149680221

File Size: 42373

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Description: Mike is a getting a sample of snow from our 3 meter snow pit.

Digging a snow pit


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149680073

File Size: 40106

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Description: Casey and Gayle begin our snow pit while wearing clean suits.

Popped Balloon


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149435697

File Size: 55997

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Description: Katie and Jeff were able to retrieve the instrument box after the balloon returned to the ground twenty-six kilometers from camp.

The Balloon Rises


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149435222

File Size: 24497

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Description: Katie lets go of the balloon so it can collect important information about the ozone layer.

Launch of a Balloon, S...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149435019

File Size: 47395

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Description: Mr. McMahon helps Katie and Jeff attach the instrument box to the balloon.

Launching a Balloon, S...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149434720

File Size: 50793

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Description: Katie is getting ready to launch the balloon to measure the ozone layer.

The House Mouse Finds ...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149430905

File Size: 46446

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Description: There are benefits to being the House Mouse. Sometimes you find some delicious surprises.

Freezer Stairs, Summit...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149430759

File Size: 36940

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Description: These stairs lead to the "freezer" in the ground at Summit, Greenland.

Inside the Freezer at ...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149428176

File Size: 73471

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Description: This photograph shows what it looks like inside the freezer at Summit, Greenland. As of June, 2006, you need to go down 27 steps below the surface of the snow to get to the freezer. Look to the right of the photograph. Can you tell what the walls of the freezer are made of? Can you see the ice crystals that have formed on the ceiling of the freezer?

The Entrance to the Fr...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149427428

File Size: 45344

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Description: This door marks the spot to the freezer located below the snow. As of June, 2006, you must descend 27 steps to get to the bottom of the freezer.

Mr. McMahon, the House...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149426539

File Size: 62304

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Description: As "House Mouse", Mr. McMahon had to vacuum the Big House at Summit, Greenland.

Mr. McMahon, the House...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149426159

File Size: 80597

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Description: Everyone at Summit camp will need to be the "house mouse" at least one time during their stay.
Here I am showing off my dish washing skills. Sarah, one of our wonderful cooks, is making sure I am doing a good job.

Ice Core Drill


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149294530

File Size: 36200

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Description: Here is the ice core drill that is used to collect ice core samples.

Ice Core Chip


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149294332

File Size: 83304

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Description: Sometimes a piece of the ice core sample will break off. Here is an ice core chip. Can you see the trapped bubbles in the ice? These bubbles contain the air from many years ago.

Zoe with an ice core s...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149294146

File Size: 77652

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Description: Zoe has just pulled up an ice core sample from 76 m below the surface. How long is this ice core sample?

1 meter or 3 meters?

Gayle and Meredith sho...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149250242

File Size: 41622

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Description: Gayle is wearing a balaclava and Meredith is wearing a neck gaiter. Both types of head gear are aimed at keep you warm and toasty on the ice sheet.

Cirrus Clouds Over Sum...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149094874

File Size: 51280

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Description: Cirrus Clouds Over Summit, Greenland

Catepillar bulldozer l...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149093410

File Size: 70649

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Description: Brad is loading snow into the melter to make water for us at Summit, Greenland. Shannon is in the background.

The Pig at Summit Gree...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149093066

File Size: 66334

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Description: The pig is a big water container that is used to transport water from the snow melter to the buildings. Can you guess why it is called the pig?

Experimental Results (...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1149020914

File Size: 69082

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Description: From May 26 journal entry:


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