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> Climate Change and Atmosphere: Greenland Ice Sheet

KISS Building


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148254911

File Size: 61988

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Description: This is our home away from home while we are in Kangerlussauq.

Amazing View


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148254389

File Size: 65745

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Description: This picture was taken from the plane about one hour before we reached Greenland. I am not sure what country it is.

Stuff everywhere


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148254195

File Size: 84878

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Description: As you can see, our plane was full of people and gear.

Landing in Greenland


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148254091

File Size: 35935

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Description: Kevin McMahon getting off the plane in Kangerlussauq.

Mike on the C-130


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148253730

File Size: 82070

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Description: Mike Bergin is ready for take off.



Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148252774

File Size: 78555

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Description: We arrived at 5:30 a.m. at Stratton Air Force base to check in for our flight.

All our gear for Green...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148252276

File Size: 48568

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Description: Gayle Hagler at the Parker, Inn in Schenectady, New York. We somehow managed to get all of us and the gear into a taxi.

Sponge Bob goes to Gre...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1148070400

File Size: 66680

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Description: Sponge Bob is catching a ride to a colder climate. I hope he wears his square parka.

Sleeping in School


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147897729

File Size: 72175

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Description: Student tries out a sleeping bag designed to keep you warm in -40 degrees Celsius temperatures.



Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147897543

File Size: 71911

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Description: Mike Bergin, Gayle Hagler and new 6th grade friends

Summit Camp Slide Show


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147897459

File Size: 59199

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Description: Mike Bergin and Gayle Hagler show us Summit Camp.



Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147896984

File Size: 33590

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Description: The Next Arctic Explorer



Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147896860

File Size: 54351

Comments: 0 / Views: 822

Description: Student trying on glacier glasses

Gayle Hagler with student


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147896779

File Size: 67974

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Description: Gayle Hagler with 6th grade student

Mike Bergin and two st...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147896679

File Size: 67763

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Description: Mike Bergin and his two new 6th grade friends.

Student Bundled Up nex...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1147896568

File Size: 63186

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Description: Mike Bergin and Gayle Hagler brought their gear to our classroom. Here is a student all bundled up.

Map of Summit, Greenland


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1145951188

File Size: 22542

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Description: Map of Summit, Greenland

Reflection of Trees an...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1145946497

File Size: 42764

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Description: April 24, 2006. 9:30 p.m. Chena River, Fairbanks, Alaska

Map at ARCUS April 24,...


Uploaded by: Kevin_McMahon

On: 1145920062

File Size: 69051

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Description: This is a map at the ARCUS office. biggrin.gif

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