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> Hot Springs
Uploaded by: Misty_Nikula_Ohlsen On: Jul 31 2006, 08:09 PM Views: 774 · Comments: 0
On the left: The hot spring above Kuril'sk on Iturup Island. You can see the water coming down the hillside -- it spring right out of the rocks further up. You can also see some of the white, red and yellow mineral deposits along the banks. The water is heated underground by volcanic hotspots and then the minerals from the rocks are dissolved into it. As the water begins to cool above ground, the minerals solidify and precipitate out onto the surrounding rocks on the stream banks. (Image courtesy of Mike Etnier)

On the right: A view of Chirip, the 1580 m volcano that lies between Reydovo and Kuril'sk, at sunset.
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Photostrip for Pre-Historical Human-Environment Interactions: Russia
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