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Theme of 2008 Arctic Forum: Tipping Points

The interconnectedness of the Arctic is demonstrated when a single change sends ripple effects throughout the marine, terrestrial, atmospheric, socioeconomic, and global systems. Participants at the Arctic Forum discussed how such changes may be "tipping points" that represent new, unknown, and potentially irreversible vanguards of arctic and global change.

Focus questions included:

  • Do changes in the Arctic represent tipping points with global consequences?
  • How is climate change affecting economic and social activity?
  • What actions should we take to improve our ability to respond to observed and predicted changes?


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Presentation Abstracts
  • Poster Abstracts
  • Notes from the Opening Reception
  • Congressional Briefing
  • Student Scholarship Winners' Position Statement
  • Appendices
  • Index

The 2008 Arctic Forum was co-chaired by Martin Miles, Environmental Systems Analysis Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, and Craig Fleener, Gwich'in Council International.

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