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> Sediment Coring: Healy Icebreaker

Learning an Inupiaq Dance


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1116127118

File Size: 25240

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Description: Here, some of the TREC teachers (not all made it in the picture), are anxiously awaiting our debut to perform the Iglu dance.
Sean Topkok is in the foreground, his son in the middle, and the TREC teachers in the back from left are: Amy Clapp, Steve Marshall, Bob Oddo, Tom Crumrine, and John Sode

Now THAT'S a saw!


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1115173097

File Size: 32240

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Description: Brian of LTR Survival Training Systems displays one of several types of ice saws that can be used to cut ice blocks for shelters or whatever need you have to cut ice.

The Boot: Finished!


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1115172810

File Size: 28635

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Description: The boot is finally finished! Notice how large of a surface area the bottom of the the boot covers. Brian, refering to my small size (always the jokester, that guy is), said the boot was wide enough to be used as a snowshoe. OK, so he was serious.....I can take it!

The Boot: Still buildi...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1115172290

File Size: 29493

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Description: Lots of layers and tape go into building the boot. This step shows some foam being put around previously applied layers. Hopefully a video will later be posted that shows some of these steps in more detail.

How to Build a Boot in...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1115172051

File Size: 31663

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Description: Ever hear that campfire story about the ghost dude who says, "I can't find my foot"? Well, if for some reason you can't find your boot, or you need a new one, Brian shows the TREC teachers how to build one that can keep your feet warm in the coldest of conditions.

Survival Food


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1115171762

File Size: 27979

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Description: If you are smart enough to be prepared, and lucky enough to have your survival pack make it through an emergency situation, you may not need to find your own food right away. Brian Horner of LTR Survival Training Systems prepares the TREC teachers a taste of some typical high-calorie survival pack food.

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