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> Sediment Coring: Healy Icebreaker



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353535

File Size: 26229

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Description: At first I thought these were ivory carvings, but a closer look (and wondering where the ivory would come from) made me think these were actually made from whale bones. Either way, these native works of art were very nice



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353481

File Size: 17922

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Description: This was the last person to be tossed, and the only one to make it high enough to touch the ceiling…Mission accomplished!



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353437

File Size: 18011

Comments: 0 / Views: 693

Description: Tossee number two showing some moves



Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353393

File Size: 17501

Comments: 0 / Views: 749

Description: Tossee number one midway to the ceiling. Notice that in each of these pictures, Louis does a good job of keeping close watch on the position of the person being tossed

Don’t Let Go!


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353348

File Size: 16410

Comments: 0 / Views: 655

Description: One of our group, Louis Whitcomb (left, facing camera), holds on tight in preparation for his part in tossing a few trusting souls high into the air

Comfy Carrier


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353297

File Size: 20660

Comments: 0 / Views: 686

Description: A woman demonstrates how babies are lifted and then carried on their backs to keep them warm (and out of the way) while doing routine activities. This isn’t just a thing of the past; this type dress and mode of baby transportation was seen throughout my stay in Barrow

Showing How It’s Done


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353244

File Size: 28775

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Description: A picture of the Iñupiat group during a native dance. A much better job than I had done at the orientation meeting in April!

Jaw Bones


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353202

File Size: 25198

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Description: Because whalebones are so common, this is a familiar sight in front of many buildings. This is a set of Bowhead Whale jawbones in front of the heritage center

The Iñupiat Heritage C...


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120353148

File Size: 14194

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Description: This is next to the front entrance of the heritage center, just to let you know you’re in the right place smile.gif

Big Bones


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194945

File Size: 39465

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Description: Erosion of the cliff at the edge of the ancient village has exposed some whale bones. Since they were used to construct the homes as explained by sign, I wonder if these were remnants of those homes or more recently beached bones

Using the Land


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194890

File Size: 23333

Comments: 0 / Views: 581

Description: This is a close-up of the sign in the previous picture which explains how the homes on this site were built

Historical Site


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194840

File Size: 18692

Comments: 0 / Views: 555

Description: This was the sign at the entrance to the park that explained the significance of he site

Arctic Pizza


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194785

File Size: 20475

Comments: 0 / Views: 632

Description: A view of Arctic Pizza where we had dinner. One of the researchers, Jens Bischof, is shown in the front of the building as he crosses the road to join us in the park

Ocean View


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194729

File Size: 18201

Comments: 0 / Views: 635

Description: This was our view from inside the restaurant. It’s hard to see, but the ice, along with a few areas of meltwater, goes from the shore to just about the horizon. Open water appears to be the bright line along the horizon. The mounds shown in the land outside the window were the remnants of an ancient village that we walked through after dinner

…Another Comes In


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194676

File Size: 10755

Comments: 0 / Views: 621

Description: Our last load of luggage from the Healy being gently lowered to the ground. These pilots had some great skill!

As One Goes Out…


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194617

File Size: 8219

Comments: 0 / Views: 569

Description: A helicopter bringing a load of equipment out to the Healy for the next science cruise

Map of Region


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194547

File Size: 29473

Comments: 0 / Views: 611

Description: This is a closer shot of the map on the search and rescue logo to give you an idea of where Kaktovik is (furthest to the right) compared to where we were in Barrow (furthest north, center). The distance between the two was several hundred miles, but still close enough to make us aware of dangers on the north slope

Search and Rescue Logo


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194501

File Size: 32044

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Description: This is the logo for the search and rescue base where we landed. Not too much earlier, helicopters had arrived with the bodies of two people killed by a grizzly bear in the town of Kaktovik

Thanking the Crew


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194424

File Size: 23456

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Description: After we landed, we thanked the pilot (right) and flight engineer (left) (unfortunately I didn’t get their names) for a safe flight and great cruise overall. To the left is Stefanie Brachfeld, one of the researchers

Lots of Controls


Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall

On: 1120194360

File Size: 26665

Comments: 0 / Views: 601

Description: I couldn’t resist one last picture of the inside of the helicopter

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