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> Benthic Biology in the Bering Sea

Ian Watching


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1152117891

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Description: Ian Darling searching for birds - Ian Darling's work on board is to observe and survey pelagic sea birds. He spends many hours each day on the bridge looking through binoculars.

Setting Up


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1152117415

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Description: The main lab on board the Laurier is small but very adequate. It just doesn't look that way when everyone's boxes, gear and supplies are packed in on the first day waiting to be set up.



Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1152117346

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Description: The Sir Wilfrid Laurier is an icebreaker based in Victoria, BC, and its patrol area is British Columbia and Arctic waters. Its duties include resupply, aids to navigation, science, search and rescue, fisheries enforcement, and icebreaking.

Botany Beach


Uploaded by: Betty_Carvellas

On: 1152117282

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Description: Botany Beach is a beautiful spot at Port Renfrew, along the
west shore of Vancouver Island, BC.

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