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> Yes, I AM a Tourist
Uploaded by: Steve_Marshall On: Jul 26 2005, 06:15 AM Views: 1130 · Comments: 0
I’m not positive, but I would think if the residents of Barrow saw me take this picture, they likely had the same reaction you might have is someone came to your town and took a picture of say….the local garbage collection truck? It might be something like, “WHY is he taking a picture of THAT? What a tourist….And a strange one at that smile.gif !” Yes, they might take what’s shown here for granted, but for me, this was a unique thing: This is a water truck that is used to wet down the roads. Since Barrow is very dry, and the roads mostly gravel and dust, this procedure helps keep the dust under control. I couldn’t help but wonder, though….Doesn’t it also add to the mud seen all over the cars??
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Photostrip for Sediment Coring: Healy Icebreaker
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