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TREC is now PolarTREC! PolarTREC is a new program, which builds on the strengths of TREC to include learning experiences for teachers and researchers at both poles!

TREC Teacher Ute Kaden
TREC teacher Ute Kaden examines
ice conditions from the bridge of the
USCGC Healy Icebreaker.

TREC is an educational research experience in which K-12 teachers participate in arctic research, working closely with scientists, as a pathway to improving science education.

2006 TREC Expeditions Complete!

The TREC 2006 expeditions are now complete. This year's expeditions were a resounding success, with nine teachers participating in unique research activities across the Arctic.

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2006 TREC Expeditions

TREC teacher Misty Nikula-Ohlsen joined an interdisciplinary team of researchers to study the history of human-environmental interactions in the Kuril Islands of Russia. {learn more}

TREC teacher Jason Petula worked with Paul McCarthy and a team of researchers to study an ancient dinosaur ecosystem along the Colville River, on Alaska's North Slope. {learn more}

TREC teacher Steve Stevenoski joined researchers on a USCGC Healy Icebreaker expedition to explore the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean. {learn more}

TREC teacher Maggie Kane and researchers Al Werner and Mike Retelle have returned from Svalbard, Norway where they were investigating how high latitude glaciers, melt-water streams, and sedimentation in lakes and fjords respond to climate change. {learn more}

TREC teacher Charla Jordan joined researchers Laura Gough and John Moore to study the effects of climate change on arctic plant and animal communities at the Toolik Lake Field Station in northern Alaska. {learn more}

TREC teacher Betty Carvellas joined researcher Jackie Grebmeier aboard the Canadian Icebreaker Sir Wilfrid Laurier to investigate the benthic biology of the Bering Sea. {learn more}

TREC teacher Tracy Alley joined researcher Michelle Mack at the Toolik Lake Field Station on Alaska's North Slope to examine arctic tundra ecosystems. {learn more}

TREC teacher Kevin McMahon joined researcher Mike Bergin in Summit, Greenland to study the Greenland Ice Sheet for information about the history of the atmosphere. {learn more}

TREC teacher Samantha Dassler Barlow, science writer Patricia Janes and researcher Lee Cooper have returned from the USCG Healy Icebreaker where they were studying ecological changes occurring in the northern Bering Sea. {learn more}

More information about TREC, including expedition descriptions, links to teacher journals, photo albums, and other resources is available through the links to the left.


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