ARCUS Education and Outreach

The polar regions are rich and challenging environments within which to study and understand scientific, social, and cultural questions from local, regional, and global perspectives. ARCUS supports advancement of knowledge and understanding of the polar regions by ensuring that:

  • high-quality information and education about polar science is available to the general public, students, teachers, and Native Peoples of the Arctic;
  • interested and talented students are encouraged to pursue scientific careers in the polar regions;
  • the scientific and technical workforce exists to meet the challenges of polar research.

International Polar Year Education Projects

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded many new projects with emphasis on polar education and outreach as part of the International Polar Year (IPY). In 2006, nine projects were awarded and in 2007 twelve additional awards were made with the goal of increasing knowledge and understanding of the Polar Regions and promoting public engagement throughout IPY. More information on these projects if found in the documents below.

NSF Press Release 06-132: International Polar Year Funds Research and Exploration by Teachers, Students and the Public

PDF2006 Funded Project Summary and Abstracts

PDF2007 Funded Project Summary and Abstracts

IPY Education Projects eMeeting
On 20 November 2006 ARCUS hosted an online information-sharing meeting among various NSF-funded IPY Education projects, as well as other experienced personnel. The presentations given by each of the project members are available for download and can be accessed in several ways.

  1. powerpoint (Powerpoint - 8.3 MB) Download the Powerpoint presentation

  2. PDF(PDF -2 MB) Download a PDF file of the Powerpoint presentation

  3. Access an archive of the actual meeting including the audio and visual components of the meeting by following the instructions below. These instructions will allow you to access the presentations archived using Horizon Wimba's webinar software:
  1. Click on the following link: IPY Education Projects eMeeting
  2. Click on the "Participant Login" button
  3. When prompted, enter the following:
    Room ID: ARCUS_Live (***Room ID is case sensitive)
    Name: (enter your name)
  4. Click on the "Enter" button.
  5. It may take a few moments for the presentation to load. The presentation should start on its own. If it does not, please click on the button labeled 'Class Start' in the small pop-up window.

If you have any problems, please contact Kristin Timm or call ARCUS at 907-474-1600.


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