Analysis and attribution of changes in Siberian hydroclimate and implications for the future


This work will document observed changes in the hydroclimatology of the Siberian region, attribute these changes to specific physical mechanisms in the context of climate change, and study the impact of those changes from the regional to the hemispheric weather and climate. The project will use observational analysis and modeling experiments to investigate the links between arctic sea ice trends and changes to seasonal snow cover. The autumn snow cover is of particular interest due to its persistent increases over the last two decades despite the robust warming trend and its connection to stratosphere- troposphere coupling and hemispheric variability in the subsequent winter season.

*This project is funded is through a National Science Foundation OPP-ARC grant. It is included with the CSAS projects because it has a strong seasonality focus and is closely aligned with this group of funded projects.

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Climate change
Climatology / Meteorology
Sea ice
System science


Arctic System Science Program



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National Science Foundation

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Arctic Research Opportunities: NSF 10-597

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Judah Cohen, PI
Seasonal Forecasting
Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.
131 Hartwell Avenue
Lexington , Massachusetts USA
Jessica Cherry
Jessica Cherry, PI
International Arctic Research Center and Institute of Northern Engineering
University of Alaska Fairbanks
930 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks , Alaska USA
Mathew Barlow
Mathew Barlow, PI
Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Massachusetts Lowell
One University Avenue
Lowell , Massachusetts USA
Vladimir Alexeev
Vladimir Alexeev, Co-PI
PO Box 757340
930 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks , Alaska USA

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