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Expedition Diaries - Day 3

Good afternoon all Arctic Alive Adventurers,

I woke to clears skies today, so I knew it was going to be really bright out today and a little colder than yesterday's balmy weather. I was just outside to see Andy, Tom and Don off to their next sampling site. It is really bright and sunny out. The temperature is about 9 F and there is a steady breeze, so it definitely feels a lot colder than yesterday.

I met Craig George, Harry Brower and Richard Glenn today for our audioconference. They are all really fascinating people. The audioconference was great. Stories about hunting, being out on the ice, and animals were told. We even got to hear Richard and Harry speaking in Inupiaq and learned many of their names for the ice we have been looking at the last few days.

After the audioconference I went over to the BASC warehouse to put away equipment. They have everything you could possibly need to do research up here. They have enough winter gear to out fit several dozen scientists. There numerous sleds and snow mobiles. The arctic ocean starts right behind the building, so I went out and walked up and down the edge. The views out over the pack ice today are incredible because it is sunny and clear. If you remember looking at the pressure ridges in yesterdays photos, today as far as you can see it is jumbled up pressure ridges. I was still keeping my eyes peeled for polar bears, but I still have not laid eyes on one.

I will finish wrapping things up here this afternoon and fly back to Fairbanks with Andy and Hajo. Listen in on Monday when we go visit the cold lab at the University of Alaska -Fairbanks. Have a great weekend.


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